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National Union of Journalists

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London Capital Credit Union

Following another set of fruitful talks between the NUJ chapel and the company it will now be possible for staff to join the local credit union - a savings and loans co-operative that encourages people to save money and the best way to keep low-paid colleagues out of the clutches of pay-day lenders.

Joining a credit union is one of those rare instances when you can help others and benefit financially yourself. The chapel officers are delighted the company has signed up to this, and we'd particularly like to thank our colleagues in the salaries office who have agreed to take on board the extra work required to make this possible.

The benefit will be open to all fixed term and permanent members of staff. Employees can nominate to pay an amount directly from their payroll salary each month into a credit union account in a salary-deduction scheme. The minimum amount per month is £10, and you can also top this up by paying directly into your account or managing your account online. There is a one-off joining fee of £5.

To apply, please complete and return the application for membership and payroll deduction savings form: Click to download

Applications must be received by the 29th of the month for the deduction to take place in the following payroll. Alternatively you can set up an account directly with the credit union at any point.

The amounts deducted from your salary will be paid directly to your credit union account. Please note that there are no tax or National Insurance savings associated with this scheme. You can pay funds directly to your account and receive the same benefits as you would with the salary deduction.